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Disability Capitol Action Day

People with disabilities in California gather at the State Capitol to assert their human and civil rights to live outside of institutions and protest proposed budget cuts to services. Produced by Terry Schmitt & Mohammad Kheirkhah

Afghanistan The Future of Afghanistan
By: Mohammad Kheirkhah, Terry Schmitt

The Future of Afghanistan Multimedia is a short look at Afghan people
and Muslims after September 11, 2001 Attack on World Trade Center
by Al-Qaeda. Photography,words and Edit by Mohammad Kheirkhah,
Terry Schmitt and United Press International (UPI) News Agency,
Music: Jivan Gasparian from Dark Night Album

Upside Down World
By: Mohammad Kheirkhah, Terry Schmitt

A road trip inside the United States of America through 27 States.
All the films and stills have taken inside the US. Used Canon 5D Mark II
with different lenses- Photography and edit by Mohammad Kheirkhah
Special thanks to Terry Schmitt - Music by Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Ride,
Silent City Album - Final Cut Express 4

Upside down
Happy new year Happy New Year?
By: Mohammad Kheirkhah, Terry Schmitt

I got that idea when I was coming back home after shooting fireworks
in the 2010 New Year night in San Francisco, most of the people there
were wearing expensive clothes as they were dancing and kissing each
others but I cannot forget the faces of those homeless people who slept
in the streets that night. Used Canon 5D Mark II - Final Cut Express.

San Francisco Fog
By: Terry Schmitt

Combination of films and stills on different days and nights in San Francisco, 2009. Photography: Terry Schmitt, Edit: Mohammad Kheirkhah -- Music: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi- Four seasons - Summer, Final cut Express 4, 3 different Canon cameras